Have you been wanting to remodel your kitchen but have been putting it off? This Christmas you can finally give yourself the gift of your new kitchen.

As many of Hawaii’s kitchens are built into small spaces, you have the opportunity to get a lot of kitchen for your money by getting creative through smartly designed renovations. CS Design Builders’ designers start with your vision and show you all the creative things you can do with your kitchen, through the entire building process all the way to your finishing touches with a single point of accountability.

Here are some things to consider in your kitchen renovation:

Counter space


Plan to cover as much of your kitchen as you can with countertops. A lot of counter space lets you work more comfortably. Plan your kitchen with deeper countertops for more space. Granite is very affordable today, and is a great material that is both functional and beautiful. CS Design Builders can even install butcher block countertop sections or islands alongside granite for chopping and preparing food.


Squeeze as many cabinets into your design as possible, planning for the placement of cabinets in relation to appliances. Deep cabinets that can hold plates should be located near the dishwasher or sink. The fewer unnecessary steps needed to complete a task, the smoother the function of your kitchen will be. Waist-high sliding shelves for mixers and toasters quickly get small appliances out of sight, but keep them easily accessible. You can also use a roll-out pantry with shelves that can be pulled out for the items you have, but rolled back into the cabinet. CS Design Builders has a wide variety of creative cabinet solutions.


A small kitchen does not have to have a small sink. A large sink will make it easier for you to clean large pots and pans, and is a great place to stash the dirty pots before you have a chance to rinse them.

Maybe it’s time you got the kitchen your heart really wants this Christmas. Or maybe it’s even time you got your spouse the kitchen their heart really wants this Christmas. CS Design Builders is Hawaii’s one-stop shop for all your renovation needs, specializing in keeping your renovations as hassle-free and worry-free as possible. Take that first step in making your dream come true.

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