Fusing custom cabinets with affordability is more than just a slogan at Tenibac. We conceived the idea that custom cabinets can be competitive with store-bought cabinets and at the same time offer door styles unlike the other companies. We have door styles that are different, with more “Hawaiian-style” to them. The team at Tenibac has the design expertise to help you transform an empty kitchen or existing space into a beautiful and functional dream kitchen.

Thinking outside the box gives us the advantage to come up with outstanding kitchen designs, beginning with creativity and a practical design that fits your needs. So customizing your cabinets means we can make your cabinets deeper, taller, shallower or custom design cabinets to better fit your needs and kitchen. Each customer and project is unique and presents its own set of challenges. It takes more than just putting boxes on the wall to make a kitchen functional and practical. Listening carefully to our customers allows us to work through those challenges, and only then will it truly reflect your personality and “create your dream kitchen.”


We offer Aristocratic Cabinets for that exotic or uniquely built kitchen. This is why we are an architect’s and designer’s choice cabinet company. We build what others won’t. And then there is our affordable Tradewind cabinet line. All of our cabinets are American made. We’ll build custom sizes to fit your kitchen needs without the big mark-up charge. With 3/4 maple veneer plywood quality construction and full extension, as well as soft-close drawer guides that come standard with the latest options, your kitchen will be efficient. Our company offers you a variety of additional services while guaranteeing you professionalism at all times.

With our showroom having more than 200 door styles on display (not just four or five) we are the “biggest little showroom in town.” We’ll even install what we design for you, so that it fits in per your expectation. We’re able to manage the whole job from start to finish. And we’ll work with your contractor/designer to help get you your best results.

Together we will make your house a home and your kitchen a pleasant place to be in, while increasing the value of your home. Please stop by our showroom and talk to one of our experienced designers to get your custom kitchen started today.

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