According to a recent study by Bath Fitter, 84 percent of consumers want to change some thing about their current bathroom, and less than 44 percent are satisfied with their current space. No need to fret; there are simple ways to add a creative twist to the bath just by switching or adding a few items.

Faucets, sinks, showerheads, towels, soap — they’re just the basic necessities of your master bath. But are all products created the same? Absolutely not. Check out these innovations that add an updated twist to bathroom basics.

Mesmerizing mirror


The plain old bathroom mirror has now been upgraded to fit today’s modern bath. With the Robern TViD, this “mirror, mirror on the wall” comes equipped with an integrated TV allowing you to never miss a second of your favorite game or TV show, even while prepping in the bathroom. It also has an integrated MP3 jack so you can play and sing along to your favorite tunes.

Twist and shout with a handheld shower

Sick of the same old shower experience? Now you can bring a revitalized change to your daily routine with the new Twist Handheld Shower from Moen. Twist allows you to easily switch between the four spray settings with one hand — all without having to touch the water flow — to create your very own showering experience. Twist offers a transitional style that coordinates with most bathroom decor. Twist is also easy to install and is ideal for bathing children or pets, and for cleaning your bathtub or shower.

Creative curved shower rod

Ever get into your shower and feel a bit, well, claustrophobic? Add more than five inches of elbow room in the shower with a new Double Curved Shower Rod from Moen. The double-bar design allows users to utilize separate bars for the shower liner curtain and decorative shower curtain; or, it provides an extra bar for hanging towels or other daily essentials. Now you can achieve a more comfortable shower experience with this bathroom addition available in an array of today’s most popular finishes.

Wonderfully waterproof


Your daily shower is often a place for inspiration, epiphanies and deep thought. Now, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting those “aha” moments again with AquaNotes. This waterproof notepad allows you to write notes in the shower or even underwater. It easily mounts to your shower wall and any notes you write can be detached and taken with you. Simply write, remove and remember — it’s that easy.

Simple space solution

No matter how organized your bathroom, it’s always tough to find a place for the many daily necessities that we want at our finger tips.

Now, you can easily keep these items within arm’s reach — yet off the vanity — with innovative Shower Rod Hooks from Moen. These ingenious, S-shaped hooks snap right onto your shower rod to offer convenient access for a variety of items, such as clothing, jewelry, towels, travel bags and more.

Keep the chill away


Warm towels aren’t a luxury offered only at hotels. Add a creative twist to your bathroom by installing a heated towel warmer. Available in many styles and finishes, towel warmers can be directly plugged into an outlet or mounted on your bathroom wall to keep you and your towels warm — no matter what the temperature is outside.

To add an unconventional twist to your bath, incorporate the above additions to help give your room a savvy style like no other.