Having your roof replaced is a big undertaking. Not only does it affect your schedule and your home, it also has the potential to disturb your neighbors. While this is not so much a factor if your home is large and on an acre of land, for homes that are in town, the disturbance can be much more palpable.

If you have never had your roof replaced and are considering having it done, here are some of the things you can expect to have happen during the replacement:



The first thing that you can expect with a roof replacement is a consultation with a few different roofing contractors. You will need to get a few written estimates so that you can compare prices, time frames and the work that will be done. It is very important to take this step seriously and solicit as many consultations as you need until you find someone who is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but who also makes you feel comfortable with his work.

Once you accept a contract, you will be given dates for when the replacement will occur. This is usually a ballpark figure, as opposed to dates set in stone, because rain delays invariably happen. However, be wary of the contractor who keeps pushing off your job, even when the rains have been non-existent. Do not be afraid to ask them when the work will be completed and call them if you feel you are being put off.

The Job

Depending on the size of your roof and what needs to be done, the job may take anywhere from a day to a week. Larger roofs with a variety of heights and angles will take more time than smaller, less complicated roofs. On the first day of the job, most roofing contractors will hire a dumpster that will be placed in your yard, driveway or the street area in front of your home.


Contractors may also cover your shrubs and plants with drop cloths to prevent them from damage should old roofing material fall on them. It is a good idea to ask them if they will be covering your plants, so that you can do this ahead of time should it not be part of their prep work. You should also park your cars away from the dumpster and work area.

On the first day, the roofers will pull up shingles and toss them into the dumpster. There may be the sounds of power tools depending on the type of roof you currently have and how it is attached to your rafters.

Murakami Roofing Service is based out of Kaneohe, and specializes in residential and light commercial roofing — both full and partial re-roof. The company also specializes in rooftop coating to help cool down your house, and it has the ability to replace and repair dry rot and termite-eaten roofs prior to installing the roof top.


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