Decorative Concrete provides a sensible solution to dressing up dreary flooring. Transform your drab, discolored concrete slab with Granicrete Hawaii’s custom concrete overlays and concrete stains that provide functionality, beauty and easy maintenance.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

Overlays dramatically improve the look of your floors without messy and costly removal. Granicrete Hawaii Installers resurface your existing concrete with a polymer-modified concrete overlay to completely transform its appearance and texture. They handcraft flooring overlays of about 1/8-inch thickness, creating virtually any look, including flagstone, slate or travertine. Granicrete overlays endure all weather and are suitable for uneven surfaces, steps and heavy traffic areas. Choose from the pictures on the website, the samples in their showroom, or design a one-of-a-kind look. Size, shape, design, coloring and texture of stone or tile looks are tailored to each installation.

Simply Add Color


Concrete stains are a great way to add some personality and warmth to your flooring. They are applied directly to your existing interior or exterior concrete slab. A unique look is created with each floor. Every surface reacts differently to stains because of the age, composition and surface porosity. The various techniques employed create limitless finishes achieving the looks of natural stone, marble, wood and leather. Stains are available in a spectrum of colors, from earth tones to pastels to bold colors in translucent to opaque finishes.

Low Maintenance

Easy maintenance makes Granicrete Hawaii flooring an excellent choice. They use solvent and water-based sealers which provide resistance to moisture, stains, mold and bacteria, and are UV-resistant to protect against fading. Re-sealing every two years maintains finish and coloring.


Granicrete Hawaii trains professionals and do-it-yourselfers interested in installing Granicrete as a business or in their own homes or rental properties.

Learn More


Visit their showroom to see a variety of flooring, countertop, and Italian limestone wall plaster samples. They are located in the Waipio Business Center, just off the H-2 highway. Product information, pictures and directions are available at Call 626-5418 or email to schedule a free consultation and estimate. Take advantage of 10 percent off your next project for the month of December.

ADDRESS: 94-1388 MOANIANI ST. #302
CONTACT: 626-5418


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