Every once in a while, customers get a little confused about Hawaii Home Expo. In fact, there are often-times purveyors who call to ask if they can reserve a booth for the upcoming show. Unfortunately, there aren’t any booths to reserve, but customers are starting to realize that it truly is an Expo. Hawaii Home Expo is a single company, but touring the facilities and thousands of square feet of showroom and displays is akin to walking around a home product show.

In every product line, Hawaii Home Expo maintains relationships with vendors all over the world. If given enough time, product specialists in the showroom can help to source all types of materials for any size project. For example, in the stone and tile product lines there are materials from Italy, Philippines, Norway, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Spain, and of course the mainland USA, just to name a few. For cabinetry, Hawaii Home Expo has a dozen different companies that can be sourced to achieve the desired look with materials from North Carolina, Anaheim, Canada and China. For fixtures and plumbing, there is a dizzying amount of product lines to choose from.


And just like every home product show, there are the green products. There are dozens of porcelain tile lines manufactured in Tennessee for which the recycled content is anywhere from 10 percent to more than 80 percent. To reduce water consumption, patrons of Hawaii Home expo know exactly where to go to purchase Toto brand toilets and their proven low flush technology. For Energy Star appliances, customers can choose from trusted brands such as Bosch, Thermidor, GE, and Liebherr. LED lighting choices range from Philips to Cree, and Ruud.

And of course, no home product show could ever be complete without Photovoltaic panels. At Hawaii Home Expo, there are several brands to choose from. Canadian Solar, Sharp, Sanyo, Samsung, and they now also feature the hot selling new AC module from AUO Solar which features a pre-installed Solar Bridge micro-inverter.

Lastly, the one true advantage of touring Hawaii Home Expo is that there is an abundance of products that can be purchased immediately. And it couldn’t be any easier with the financing package that is available for any purchase of any product. They currently offer an incredible loan that is amortized over five years. The first two years are interest free while the last three years have only a 5.99 percent APR. That actually calculates to a little more than 2 percent per year over the course of five years. Best of all, there are no pre-payment penalties, so if the loan can be paid off in the first two years, there is effectively no interest on the loan. Maybe it’s time to indulge in a jacuzzi or sauna?


So while the big shows are fun to traverse and browse through the various product lines, there is already an Expo that is open six days a week. There is no admission fee, and the parking is free. Hawaii Home Expo is truly a home product show that can be experienced at any time. Come and take a tour at 2933 Koapaka St.

CONTACT: 695-3976
WEBSITE: www.hawaiihomeexpo.com


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