As Akamai Pest Solutions has grown, it’s amazing how many customers are so happy that they don’t have to go through the fumigation process.

For those who have been through the process, they know what a hassle it is and how much stress is involved when it comes to bagging up food, dealing with refrigerated items and any other consumables, and then having to discard any leftovers.


But that’s not all when it comes to fumigation nightmares. Homeowners must also leave the security and privacy of their own home and turn it over to a group of strangers. They may have to stay in a hotel or with friends, and they’ll probably have to eat out, board pets and trim and remove plants.

When they return, they face the possibility of roof, gutter and plant damage, and may even have to deal with a break-in. And, hopefully, the vikane and tear gasses will have already been flushed from the structure so the resident can enter the home safely.

The orange oil treatment is so much safer and less stressful, especially for the elderly and those with health issues, as well as homes with children and pets. It’s also a great alternative to avoid tile roof damage, since tile roofs are fairly common in Hawaii. It’s also a great alternative to commercial structures and condominium buildings because there are no move-out costs or lost business revenue.


Akamai Pest Solutions offers a full structure warranty with annual inspections and a renewable warranty for as long as the customer would like. If you are looking for a safer way to treat for drywood termites, contact us for an estimate.

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