There is a mad rush in Hawaii to put up solar photovoltaic (PV) panels before the 65 percent federal and state tax credits possibly go away. With the bruising political fights raging over deficit reduction, there is no guarantee that these tax credits will go on forever. So, there may be no better time than now to take the plunge.

But in your race toward energy independence don’t forget to consider replacing or repairing the roof underneath your new solar panels. That’s where LeakMaster Roofing comes in. The company specializes in integrating your new solar panels — both hot water and PV panels — into your roof system.

Even if your existing roof is in fairly good condition, there are still things that you can do to preserve your existing roof before it is covered up with panels. Don’t forget that once the panels are fastened down tight to the roof deck for the next 20-plus years, your access to your roof becomes problematic should there be a leak. Thus, it is wise to repair or replace your roof before going solar.


Here is some simple, budget-friendly advice:

1. Repair Your Existing Roof. This is true especially if you have an asphalt shingle type of roof. Quite often these roofs have a lot of life left in them and they don’t have to be replaced.

LeakMaster can usually inspect and repair these roofs before the solar installation and then come back after the PV contractors are done and waterproof all the new penetrations into the roof deck.

Depending on the condition of your shingles, LeakMaster can warrant against leaks for up to seven years.

2. Put A Protective Waterproof Coating Underneath The Panels. For a flat roof, you should at least waterproof the areas directly underneath the panels while there still is easy access. Later on, when your budget allows, you can extend your protective coating to the rest of the flat roof. That is the beauty of roof coatings as opposed to old-fashioned asphalt roofing — you can do limited areas now and then tie them all together later when they start to deteriorate.

LeakMaster’s Ceramic Titanium coatings block 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays so your old roof is preserved. You never have to tear off the old roof, just put on a new top coat every seven to 15 years.

3. If Your Old Roof Is Too Far Gone, Install A New System With A Long Warranty. If you have a sloped roof, LeakMaster installs all major systems including shake, shingle, tile, metal and asphalt. After the solar contractors are finished, LeakMaster will come back and waterproof all your roof penetrations for no extra charge.


If you have a flat roof, LeakMaster can install either a fabric re-enforced coating, such as Hawaiian Sunguard or a Silicone-based coating that may qualify for a 10-, 15or even 20-year manufacturer labor and material warranty, depending on your roof.

For commercial roofs, you may consider a heavy duty single-ply system, such as Duro-Last, which has the “Worlds Best Warranty.” That’s because Duro-Last insures against any damage to the contents in your property because of a faulty roof.

Call LeakMaster Roofing at 591-1900 for a fast, free estimate and to learn more about the aforementioned systems. You also can visit the company’s unique showroom, located at 575 Cooke St. in Kakaako, and see its roof systems up close.

Be sure to take advantage of LeakMaster Roofing’s solar and PV special that is good until the end of this year. If you choose to integrate a new roof — 2,000 square feet or more — the company will take $500 off the price.

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