The slogan, “Vinyl is final,” still lives on at Tropical Wholesale. Owner Matthew Houar and son Mike still bring experience and tradition from an idea that started in Hawaii in 1962.

Other industry ideas that came to fruition in Hawaii since then include the first vinyl siding in 1962, the first vinyl windows in 1978, and the first vinyl window factory in 1984.


Tropical Wholesale is the vinyl expert in Hawaii that has the most modern vinyl siding and windows. These vinyl products are designed for Hawaii to withstand its tough salt-air conditions. Tropical products have been proven to withstand even the harshest storms, including hurricanes Iwa in 1982 and Iniki in 1992.

Tropical Wholesale is the exclusive dealer of Norandex Vinyl Siding. Norandex has a lifetime warranty with 15 beautiful styles and more than 30 colors available. Tropical Wholesale also is the exclusive dealer of Simonton Windows, rated No. 1 by J.D. Power. Simonton Windows offers the only lifetime warranty in Hawaii that covers material, labor and workmanship with no exclusions.

When you are in the market for such products, go with Tropical Wholesale. The company is responsible for thousands of installations in Hawaii and, thankfully, thousands of satisfied customers.


A customer in Aiea recently said, “My windows are so beautiful, but I did not realize how much they would cool and quiet down my home. I can’t believe I can no longer hear the freeway traffic and I live right next to it!”

Another customer in Salt Lake said, “I recommended Tropical Wholesale to my sister and brother-in-law because I am so satisfied. I know Tropical Wholesale has the best prices and materials.”

Another customer recently called and said, “The reason my husband and I called Tropical Wholesale back to install our vinyl windows after installing our vinyl siding is because they have good local installers who(m) I can trust to do the best job possible.”


So if you want Hawaii’s best vinyl siding or vinyl windows installed by a company with more than 30 years of experience, call Tropical Wholesale, where the job is guaranteed to be done right and at a great price.

For more information, call Matt or Mike at 263-1252 or 292-2942.

CONTACT: 263-1252


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