Homeowners will have quieter, greener home

This is the second article of a three-part series.

Last week, we introduced a couple who is currently working with Graham Builders to build a brand new home to replace their 85-year-old house in Makiki. Working closely with Graham Builders’ design team, the couple is well on their way to having a new home that is both quiet and energy efficient.


Following demolition of the old house June 21, Graham Builders began construction of the new home six days later.

“The project is progressing extremely well,” said Evan Fujimoto, president of Graham Builders. “The homeowners visit the site daily and we have collaborated on a number of items, including fixture layouts, sound dampening (and) scheduling, among other things.”

“The project is developing nicely and we have to say that during these past few months, it seems to be moving along at a fast pace,” said the homeowners in agreement. “It’s amazing to see the progress from demolition to foundation to framing and to roofing.”

The drywall phase of the construction process is now complete. Interior finish work follows, including doors and trim, painting, cabinets and countertops, showers, electrical and plumbing fixtures, mirrors and shower doors, flooring, interior hardware and FreedomRail shelving (a versatile modular closet-organizing system). Installing sidewalks, driveways, fences and gates will be the final phase.


The house is not extremely large in terms of square feet, but will “live large,” meaning it has a feeling of spaciousness from an open and functional layout and from natural light that floods the interiors throughout the day. A big concern for the homeowners was noise abatement since their home is situated downwind, and less than 50 feet from the H-1 freeway. Insulation in the walls and ceilings and the use of Quiet Rock drywall, in addition to dual glazed windows, makes the interior very quiet and peaceful.

Ensuring the new home will be as energy-efficient as possible also was high on the couple’s list. Working closely with the homeowners, Graham Builders installed a light gray “cool roof” that minimizes heat transfer and obscure glass clerestory windows in the great room, which will reduce the need for lights during the daytime, among other green features.

This story is the second article in a three-part series that follows the Makiki homeowners in their design + build journey and shares their experience in building a new home with Graham Builders. The final, completed project will be unveiled in December. Check back next month as you won’t want to miss reading about the finished product.

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