Over the past few years, scientists and entrepreneurs have created money-saving solutions for many costly renovation projects. If utilized, these cost-conscious solutions will save you downtime, are less invasive to your home, and are a great help to the environment, saving huge amounts of waste Hawaii residents produce on a daily basis.

Some of these solutions are:


• Bathtub, wall-surround resurfacing
— Resurface your worn or stained bathtub to look like new.
• Illusionite Simulated Stone
— Transforms your countertops from laminate or tile to look like granite or marble.
• Walk-through conversion
— Convert your tub into a walkthrough shower, making life easier for the elderly or disabled.
• Bathtub, wall-surround liners
— Fits a new tub over your old stained or rusted tub or wall surround in one day.

In the cost-conscious economy that we are in today, more and more people are using these types of remodeling choices, which could save you thousands.

In the 20 years that All-Island Bath has been in business, the company has had many satisfied customers who have remodeled their bathrooms multiple times to keep up with changing styles and needs — and done so at a fraction of the cost of others. This has been a great asset to property managers and hotel managers, who are always looking to update the look of their bathrooms.

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