Beautiful things can happen in small spaces for a reasonable price when working with CS Design Builders.

Many homeowners with small apartments or studios often feel that not much can be done or that it’s not worth it to renovate their homes. The truth is, having a small apartment or studio is a very good thing for homeowners when it comes to renovation.


Because of the small footprint of the kitchens and bathrooms, the cost of renovating is significantly less than it would be when renovating larger spaces. This allows homeowners to select exactly what they want and often not have to make significant compromises in getting what they desire in their dream renovations.

In addition, homeowners who have recently purchased older apartments often find that by simply planning and budgeting for the cost of a small renovation, they can move into an apartment they really love. A simple change of cabinets and countertops, replacing old appliances with new ones or changing the old carpet to beautiful wood floors can be very affordable. This also is true of homeowners who are trying to sell their older apartments.

Many sellers find that by making these simple changes and adding value to their homes, they can dramatically increase their selling price and speed of sale.


CS Design Builders renovated a small downtown studio, replacing the existing kitchen with one that was not only beautiful, but more ergonomic and functional than the old one. Workers reduced the visual weight and footprint of the kitchen, allowing for more natural light, and removed bulky pieces that blocked the walking path from the door to the living room, all at a reasonable price. In addition, CS Design Builders replaced the existing floor with its exclusive line of gorgeous, affordable custom-made wood flooring, throughout the studio, completing the look beautifully.

CS Design Builders is a one-stop renovation shop that takes you from your first ideas through the entire build process, with one point of accountability so homeowners do not have to worry about coordinating with multiple contractors, vendors and designers.

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