Do you bring office work home or do you work at a home-based business? These days, because of technology and the Internet, more people are working from home for the convenience it provides.

If you have a home office, it is important to arrange your furniture and address your environment in a manner that provides as much support as possible to maximize productivity and increase success. If not set up well, your space could be working against you.

Eleanor’s Home Office


Eleanor had a home-based gift basket business she started as a hobby many years ago that turned into a part-time business. She had regular corporate clients, who kept her semi-busy, but she had no client growth for several years. When her financial needs increased, Eleanor decided to put more energy into growing her business and called me to assess her home office.

Before Feng Shui

When I stepped into her office, I noticed that no “care” was put into the environment. Although the room contained all the business elements she needed — desk, computer, phone, file cabinets and basket inventory, etc. — nothing was available to support her or the growth of the business.

Her desk was in a position that made it appear as if she were a “secretary,” not the owner of her own company. The business had no identifying signage, and computer and electrical cords were visible everywhere. Although it was neat, the space was neither aesthetically pleasing nor energetically supportive.


So here’s the feng shui advice I offered to her:

1. Move the Desk I explained to Eleanor that we first had to move her desk to a more empowering position away from the wall to invite increased opportunity. I explained it in terms of “bank president positioning” versus “secretary positioning.” Bank presidents position their desks so that they can see who walks in without having to turn their head.

2. Get a new chair. Her chair did not match her position as a business owner in that it was an old squeaky and rusty castoff that was missing an arm. I advised her to get a new chair that had strong arms and a good supportive back. She was in a commanding position and the structure of the chair needed to reflect that.

3. Put up the business name. Next I advised her to put a sign on her door with the name of her business clearly depicted. Even in a home-based business, it is important to establish the office as an important place of business.

4. Add plant life. Eleanor had no plant life in the office. Plants (real or quality silk plants) offer energy and are a reminder of growth and abundance. I suggested she get a few large plants to put in the corners of her office and some smaller plants to place elsewhere around the room to add color and create a more comfortable environment.

5. Hang inspirational pictures. The walls were bare so I suggested she find images that remind her of what she wanted to create and experience in her business. For stability, I suggested that she hang a large picture of a mountain behind her desk. Positioning images of mountains behind the desk gives great support and is positive reinforcement for anyone, most especially the business owner.

6. Camouflage electrical cords. Finally, I suggested that she group some of the electrical cords together and camouflage them with plants, screens, or tubing. Electrical cords correlate to our nervous system, and unkempt cords in plain sight trigger unnecessary stress.

After Feng Shui

Eleanor did what I advised, and within three months she was feeling so much more empowered while working in her “new” office. She also confided that she had not only experienced increased business but more physical vitality as well.

Use Feng Shui for an extra edge

Businesses, no matter where they are located, need every edge they can get in a tough economy. Make sure that your home office, (even if it is just where you pay the bills) appeals to your senses and feels vibrant and alive. If it feels depressed and struggling, then add some feng shui to uplift the space!


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