One of San Francisco’s top vintage home painting contractors, Jimmy Suh, moved his business to Honolulu two years ago and was quickly recognized for the quality of his meticulous work.

A record of the hundreds of homes, both vintage and new construction, that Suh transformed during his 15 years in San Francisco can be viewed on a DVD he makes available on request.


The precision of his work and understanding of color, as well as the technical aspects of painting, have made Deep Purple Painting one of the most “in demand” painting contractors in Honolulu.

Suh’s projects include both residential and commercial buildings located in neighborhoods throughout Oahu.

He said he is amazed to find that so many of the home and business owners who have contacted him, and eventually became clients, attribute the poor condition of the surfaces to badly executed paint jobs in the past.


“I’ve found that other painters have added coats of water-base paint over oil base … you just can’t do that without bad consequences later in the form of cracking and peeling.

The first thing we do when we accept a job is make sure the surfaces are prepared properly. Sometimes we need to strip off improperly applied paint. But ultimately the additional time and money invested in a first class, professional paint job pay off because the customer won’t have to repaint for a long time … maybe never,” Suh said.

Suh’s standard procedure when contacted by a new customer is to visit the job site and assess the condition of the interior and exterior surfaces, discuss color with the owners, and, particularly if the job is an interior, whether there will be any special conditions involved. It’s always important to agree on a time line which is be contingent on the owner’s plans and lifestyle. If the job is for a client planning to put the home on the market, or getting ready for a party or any special event on the property, deadlines may be critical.


“If the project is a complete repaint of an interior, we will have to schedule carefully in order to avoid inconveniencing the homeowner,” Suh said. “We try to be as accommodating as possible. Once we can determine how long the job will take, we can provide a cost estimate. If it’s necessary to stay within a specified budget, we can always tailor the job to suit the owner’s financial resources. The one thing we won’t compromise on is quality.”

Suh provides estimates personally and makes it a point to supervise every job from beginning to end. He notes that he also answers his own phone. Call him at 739-2000 to arrange a meeting and obtain a free estimate.

CONTACT: 739-2000


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