Today’s homeowners constantly put off updating their bathrooms because they have no idea where to start.

Let Tropical Wholesale be the one to direct you by updating your bathroom in one or two days with new products manufactured by Liners Direct. With its beautiful acrylic bath liners, replacement tubs, and quick and easy handicap conversion shower kits, Tropical Wholesale can save you money while updating your bathroom in a painless and cost-effective way.


Acrylic is durable and tough and has long been used by the hotel industry. Hotels need bathrooms looking beautiful and durable because of constant overuse. So Tropical’s products were invented for fast and easy installation while still maintaining their beauty and strength.

Acrylic will not chip or crack and is UV-stable, so it will not fade. It also will resist mildew and bacteria growth, and is the perfect solution for Hawaii homes. Acrylic bath liners are sleeves that fit right over existing tubs or showers for quick updates, leak solutions and beautification. There are many styles and colors, including granite, marble and tile selections.

Tropical can also update existing showers and bath fixtures, install grab bars as well as corner cad-dies, soap dishes seats and foot pedestals.


Additionally, handicap bath and shower conversions are available.

Did you know that 45 percent of all household accidents causing serious injury occur in the bathroom? Converting a tub to a shower can reduce the risk of injury, especially for senior citizens. And for the homeowner who just hates his existing bath design, Tropical has a certified kitchen designer and interior designer on staff to help you construct the perfect bathroom for any home and any budget.

So if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, call Tropical Wholesale today for a free consultation.

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