Unless you just completed a stunning bathroom renovation with a five-figure price tag, there’s probably at least one thing in your bathroom you’d like to change. Whether you’re dealing with a constantly leaky faucet or the whole room just looks drab and out of date, you can find many ways to make your bathroom beautiful again without breaking the bank or investing a huge amount of time.

Here are a few tips to get you started:


* Replace your tired old toilet. Upgrading to a sleek, easy-to-clean one-piece toilet is a surprisingly simple way to update your bathroom, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot, either. Toilet installations are often viewed as a job for a professional, but some new toilets are being designed with the do-it-yourself homeowner in mind.

* Clean up your caulk. If the caulk in your bathroom is grimy, prone to mildew, or cracked, replacing it is a great way to freshen up the look of your bathroom. Use a caulk softener, available at any hardware store, to soften the existing caulk and make it easier to remove. Then, a good scraping with a plastic putty knife will do the trick. After the caulk is removed, clean in between the tiles with a bleach and water solution, and allow to dry completely.

* Fancy up your faucets. Swapping out an out-of-date faucet is less expensive and time-consuming than replacing an entire pedestal sink or vanity, but can still have a big visual impact. Whether your style is clean and modern or romantic and ornate, updating your faucets can be easy and stress-free now that many manufacturers are offering easy-to-install bathroom faucets.