Treating your home for drywood termites has always been a not-so-pleasant option in Hawaii. From the inconvenience of having to leave your residence to the possibility of having your roof, gutters and plants damaged during treatment, fumigation is not an attractive solution. Wouldn’t it be great to have a better, safer alternative?

Well, now you can have one. Akamai Pest Solutions specializes in treatment for drywood termites, but the company’s method is a safer, less intrusive alternative to fumigation while achieving the same results.

Akamai Pest Solutions has been in Hawaii since 2003, providing service to Oahu, Maui and Big Island homeowners and business owners. The process is simple: First, provide a very thorough inspection by a highly trained professional; and second, treat the infested wood with XT2000 Orange Oil. Orange peels are distilled and become 95 percent pure orange oil (d-limonene). Once it’s injected into the wood, it wicks through the cells, killing termites and eggs on contact. Best of all, this process can be done while the homeowner is resting comfortably at home.


Businesses can have their infestations treated as well without having to close shop or relocate their tenants. Akamai Pest Solutions owner Roger Meints and general manager Tony Galimba have refined the process, offering a full structure warranty with annual inspections.

The process, which began in California in the 1990s, has treated 500,000 structures in California, and Akamai Pest Solutions has passed 3,000 structures in the state while continuing its expansion, making it one of the 50 fastestgrowing businesses in the state.

The company uses current technology in its pursuit to find and eliminate the drywood termites from a structure. With more than 70 years combined experience in the pest and termite field, Akamai Pest Solutions has set a standard in its commitment to providing safe treatment while giving excellent customer service.

Call today and experience for yourself the safer way to treat for drywood termites.

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