What do you think of when you hear the words solar power? For many, solar power means heating domestic water for the house, pool and/or spa, and creating electricity through photovoltaic or PV panels to power such things as attic fans, which help in lowering your energy costs.

Solar power may be free, but you’ll need to purchase products in order to convert power from the sun. The most cost-effective solar product is a solar hot water system. If your house can support a solar hot water system, it is usually the best place to start. The current HEEP rebate of $750, which is subtracted from the cost of the system, combined with state and federal tax credits, make purchasing a solar hot water system sensible for most people. Heating water with electricity, after all, is expensive and inefficient.


Solar attic fans help to lower the temperature in your house. Even if you have air conditioning, a cooler attic will mean it costs less to cool your house. Attic Breeze attic fans are powerful units made in America, come with a lifetime warranty and are extremely quiet. Adding one or two of these fully automatic fans to your house can lower temperatures significantly. The greater the heat from the sun, the harder these fans work at cooling down your house.

Solar electric or PV systems are extremely popular right now. New products are constantly coming out that are more efficient and less costly. After state and federal credits are factored in, most residential systems pay for themselves within four to five years, and sometimes even less!

Solar PV panels do not last forever, however, but they are getting better. Some of the newer panels guarantee they will still produce 80 percent or more of their original rating after 25 years. Between increases in electrical rates and increases in efficiency, one would hope to make up that 20 percent difference over 20 years, especially if you can get 15 years or more of free electricity!


Solar pool and spa heating also are options. They usually require larger surface areas for panels, due to the large amounts of water in pools and spas. Oftentimes in Hawaii, we want our pools to be cool, but if you would like to heat your pool with the sun, it is an option.

Solar work is cyclical and many people tend to want to install a solar system toward the end of the year, with the thought of being able to use tax credits sooner.

If you are thinking about installing a solar system this year, now is a good time to get started, especially with HECO’s 15 percent penetration limits on PV systems. Call EnergyPro Hawaii today at 596-2890 for more information or for a free energy consultation. Also, visit the website energyprohawaii.com.

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