Monier concrete tiles are a great, longlasting roofing system that has proven itself in Hawaii over the years.

However, many of these roofs are now 30 years old and are starting to show their age. Do you need a new roof or will an expert repair solve your problem inexpensively? The answer to that question depends on exactly what is the problem with the specific roof in question.


Here’s a list of some common problems, and solutions, with older Monier roofs.

1. Cracked Or Missing Roof Tiles

You can blame falling coconuts, heavy termite tenting contractors bouncing around on your roof, or just the natural weathering that occurs when the protective glazed coating on Monier tiles finally burns out from the sun’s UV rays. Whatever the cause, the cracked tiles can be replaced and recoated with a new protective coating to match the original color. LeakMaster Roofing has been doing this successfully for more than 21 years.

2. Missing Or Burnt Out Roofing Felts Under The Tile

Believe it or not, when Monier tiles were first introduced in Hawaii more than 30 years ago, they often were put down without any underlying roofing felts at all. This worked fine for a while — until the tiles cracked over time. When that happened, leaks occurred because the felts acted as a backup waterproofing system.


Even the original Monier roofs that were put down correctly with the traditional 30-pound roofing felts — which were state-of-the-art at the time — are now completely burnt out after years of intense roof heat. They literally will crumble in your hands when you touch them. This is a serious problem that can be fixed — but it isn’t easy. The existing concrete tiles need to be taken off, set to the side, and then re-installed after a new Peel & Stick felt is put down underneath them.

New heavy duty, reinforced roofing felts — such as the popular Peel & Stick brand — will last much longer than the old, flimsy 30-pound felts of the past. LeakMaster considers these felts to be a great insurance policy against cracked Monier tiles.

3. Faded Or Bare Concrete Tiles Due To Sun Exposure

All coatings will fade away over time. The protective glaze coating that was put on at the factory years ago is no exception. After the missing tiles are replaced you may wish to consider recoating your roof with a new protective coating that will block the sun’s UV rays. If you choose a lighter color than your old roof tile, you also will be able to reduce the heat inside your roof. That new cool roof will make your home more livable as well as you lengthen the life of your underlying roof felts.


LeakMaster Roofing will be glad to visit your home to advise you on what the most economical method of rejuvenating your old Monier roof is. Call LeakMaster at 591-1900 or visit its showroom, located at 575-G Cooke St. in Kakaako. You can also learn more about Monier concrete tile and other roof repairs online at

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