On a recent visit to a potential client’s home, we noticed a large blue tarp draped over the main roof ridge. Since we had been called to the project on a request for an estimate for interior remodeling work, I was a bit surprised that the roof apparently was leaking.

After a brief discussion with the owner concerning the blue tarp on the roof, he admitted, quite sheepishly, that the roof was in fact leaking, and had been since it was re-roofed — over two years prior! Needless to say, we asked the obvious question: “Why would you want to consider interior remodeling with a leaking roof?” The answer I received was a disappointment, but not a complete shock.

The owner had been assured repeatedly since rendering the final payment to his contractor that the leak would be repaired. On at least two occasions, the “roofer” had arrived to perform the service, but for one reason or another did not follow through with the needed repairs.


I asked the owner if he planned to pursue the situation. Finally, he admitted that he had hired an acquaintance of a friend who was not a licensed contractor.

I suggested that he fix the roof before remodeling the kitchen and bathroom — as he had intended. He insisted that the “roofer” was a good guy who would take care of the problem. I could see that the composition shingles were installed incorrectly, and that the roof in fact would require at least a major correction of the work, if not a complete replacement. And in the short two-year span since the roof had been installed, it had begun to mildew. The owner asked me what could be done to prevent that from happening, and I had a one word answer for him — “metal.”

Over the next hour, I discussed with him and his wife the type of metal roofing systems our company specializes in. She mentioned that she was in favor of a metal roof when they last replaced the roof, but that the roofer who worked on the home had insisted that metal was “no good” for the home because of the way it was constructed.

While I could hardly believe what I was hearing, I decided that the best thing we could do to help this homeowner was to guide him toward a reliable roofing system before we even discussed any other work on the home. I suggested that he try one more time to work at getting service performed on the roof, and if that did not actually happen, we should meet again the next week. His wife quickly spoke up and agreed with the plan, and even though he was a bit reluctant, he finally promised to call us within one week if the service was not completed and effective.


Within a few days, I was back at the home and, with measurements in hand, we began to look at the features and benefits of metal roofing for this home. I explained that the roofing systems we use are applied with screws rather than nails, making them more wind resistant. We discussed the various profiles available, including shake shingles, metal tile panels and standing seam profiles. We looked at the various paint systems and warranties, as well as pictures of some of the homes we have equipped with metal roofing. When it came to price, the owners were shocked to discover the cost for the roof was much more affordable than they had expected.

When we finished the discussion, our clients wanted to think over the details and take some time to decide what to do next. We agreed to meet again the following weekend. I left the home hoping that they would take action soon, since the tarp was showing wear and I was certain that the man of the home had been climbing up on the roof to resecure the plastic protection on a regular basis. The next morning, our office phone rang, and the homeowner’s wife asked us to come out and get the job going as soon as possible,. She also stated very emphatically that she wanted “the red metal roof that looks like ceramic tile.”

Soon afterward, the roof was installed and today, our clients have a great roof system, no tarps and a company the owners can call and get quick and reliable service from. They also have a pretty nice bathroom, but have put the kitchen on hold for a few more months while they decide what they really want to do with that room.

The metal tile roof systems that Tropical Wholesale provides and installs have the highest wind-resistance ratings of any roof systems, as well as the strongest warranties available in the industry. Our company has installed hundreds of these across the state and we are doing more every month. We make sure the roof system is a good match for the structure of the home, and also often add insulation materials, fix rot wood rafters or fascias as needed, and make the entire repair process simple and trouble-free for our clients.

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