Josef NaCorda, lead installer at Alternate Energy Hawaii, lives by the following words: “A job done well stays well done forever.”

It’s obvious in every single one of the solar panel installation jobs — totaling well into the thousands— that he’s overseen since he started doing it in 1995.

“This job is great,” he says. “We’re at a different home every day, and it’s always such a positive thing. It feels good to see people happy because they are saving money and helping the environment.”


And the bottom line? “There is a lot of thinking on this job — a solar panel installation is not Legos!

It’s hard work,” he says. “But I like it.”

NaCorda lives in Ewa Beach, where he was born and raised. On a typical workday, he’s up at 5 a.m., kisses his 10-year-old son, 5-year-old daughter and their mom goodbye, and meets up with his crews at the Alternate Energy headquarters on Dillingham by 7.

There, he carefully reviews the day’s jobs, scrutinizes the design sheets, pulls the specified solar panels, rails, converters, piping and other materials, and helps the crews load up the trucks.


Breakfast — the most important meal of the day, especially when you’re up and down on customers’ roofs all day — is the next order of business. Workers regroup for a quick bite to eat in the Alternate Energy lunchroom, confirm any last-minute details, and then they’re off to the job site.

Once they arrive at the site, NaCorda introduces himself to the homeowner, double-checks the layouts and then assigns each crew member to a specific aspect of the job. “We run it like clockwork,” he says. One worker locates the rafters, the next worker follows drilling holes, another tightens lag bolts and yet another positions panels. Throughout, NaCorda makes the rounds and checks on each of the workers, updates the homeowner and answers any questions. It’s a well-choreographed system that results in a seamless installation and a happy customer.

Because of NaCorda’s vast experience in all aspects of construction, he has a lot of respect for a job well done. He imparts that work ethic to his entire crew. That means always going the extra mile to do quality, neat work even if the end result won’t be visible to the customer. In other words, no haphazard, exposed piping, no corners cut, no loose ends. Not only can a bad installation look sloppy, but a worst-case scenario can involve compromised panel efficiency, leaking roofs and a black mark for the entire solar electric industry.

“I train my crews the best I can,” he explains. “They’re good workers, always wanting to do better. We are friendly, polite, and highly skilled at what we do. We take a lot of pride in that!”


NaCorda invites everyone to visit the Alternate Energy booth at the BIA “Remodel it Right Remodel it Green” expo Aug. 26-28 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Alternate Energy Inc. was founded in 1993 and is one of Hawaii’s oldest solar energy companies, specializing in the design and installation of photo-voltaic systems, solar water heating systems and solar attic fans. It is locally owned and operated, with offices on Oahu and Maui.

Address: 1111 Dillingham Blvd., #H3, Box 112
Contact: 842-853


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