Sean and Marla Hughes truly wanted to go green. They understood the power of renewable energy and how solar energy makes such an impact in Hawaii, where 98 percent of our energy is created by the very dirty process of burning oil, a fossil fuel. But the upfront cost — even with federal and state tax incentives — was too much.

“I’ve been thinking about solar energy for our home for some time,” said Sean Hughes of Kapolei. “And when I heard about RevoluSun and how I could get a solar system with zero down, I knew now was the time.”

Hughes contacted the local solar integrator in late January, and met with RevoluSun a few days later to learn about options for his home, as well as financing the system through RevoluSun’s solar power service partner, SunRun. After interviewing a few solar companies, they felt RevoluSun was the best fit for their needs.


“The Hughes live in sunny Kapolei, where a solar system can produce a lot of power,” said Eric Carlson, RevoluSun principal. “For all our customers, we develop a solar system based on the homeowners’ energy consumption, specific sun zone, home orientation and any other details to maximize the energy the system can create.”

“We then work with them to determine the best financing options. RevoluSun has long-standing partnerships with SunRun, a solar power service, as well as First Hawaiian Bank and others. This, coupled with the generous state and federal tax programs, help make installing a system feasible. The goal is to make owning a solar system and producing clean, renewable energy as easy as possible for any Hawaii homeowner, no matter what their budget.”

RevoluSun explained how through its partnership with SunRun, the Hughes would pay no money out of pocket and begin paying less for energy as soon as the system went live.

RevoluSun designed and installed the 12-module system within two weeks. The system will produce 4,783 kwH per year, which will offset more than 210,000 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere over the life of the system.


“We were so pleased, we decided to host a solar party for a dozen of our friends and family!” Hughes said. “In fact, my father was so taken by the savings and professionalism of RevoluSun, he then purchased a solar system for his house, and my wife’s coworker also got a system.”

Hughes notes he was also impressed with RevoluSun’s diligence and attention to detail, as well as the quick turnaround of the project, which was generating power by mid-February.

“The first day the system went live, RevoluSun called me to let me know it was working. That afternoon when I got home, it was a very sunny day, and when I saw the electric meter spinning backward, it was great! What’s even better is that we now are paying about $125 less per month in electricity.”

The Hughes family plans to put in another 12-panel system in 2012, and then a third system in 2013 to help them generate as much energy as they use each month through clean, solar energy.


Homeowners on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island are encouraged to attend one of RevoluSun’s free solar education seminars held each month. Or, they’re invited to stop by a solar open house for a chance to talk story with other local homeowners about their experience in “Joining the RevoluSun” and see their system in action. For a complete list of solar education seminars or solar open houses, visit

As Hawaii’s leading solar provider, RevoluSun designed and installed more residential photo-voltaic projects in 2010 than any other company, and it’s able to help you, too. To schedule your free energy evaluation, visit or call (808) 748-8888.

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