Nothing is as effective in giving a home a new lease on life as a fresh coat of paint. Painting is also one of the most cost-effective ways to give your home “curb appeal” if you’re planning to sell.

Probably the most important first step if you are ready to paint the interior or exterior of your home or office building is to ensure that the painting contractor you choose is experienced and licensed. Price is variable depending on the extent of prep work involved.


“A painter who just wants the job may quote low, but the home or business owner may end up repainting because the surfaces were not properly prepared,” says Island Budget Painting owner Ted Wexler, who has more than 37 years, experience in the business. “There are also many different kinds of painting products on the market today, and you want to be sure you are being guided to make the right choice.

“Another important phase of any paint job is choosing the right colors. Color choice is tricky because of the effect of light on surfaces … the same color paint can look different on walls in the same house depending on the light source. Samples also can be deceiving. This is where experience makes the difference.

“Today everyone is conscious of the quality of the products we use in terms of safety and emissions. In order to be sure we are compliant with regulations as well as sensitive to the needs of clients, we actually take certification training to become accredited by the Environmental Protection Agency.”


Wexler’s choice of name for his company is consistent with his mission, which is to supply the best possible service at the lowest possible price.

“If a home or business owner is interested in finding out what a job will cost, I encourage them to simply call me and I will respond quickly and meet them at their home or business to give them an on-site estimate.”

Island Budget Painting is known as one of the most competent, diversified companies in the business. The workers are experienced in residential projects from simple exterior and interior painting to luxury homes in which they work closely with the interior designer and architect. They also have completed numerous large commercial projects and townhome complexes over the years.


In addition to painting, Wexler’s company also can repair concrete, wood and dry wall, plus remove wallpaper, which he pointed out can be a big money saver for the client in eliminating the need to hire another contractor.

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Ronald Cordeiro paints a Manoa home.