Out of all the questions I get these days, the most popular remains, “What exactly is feng shui?” I answer simply that it is a body of knowledge that can be used as a tool to positively “manage” the energies of your environment. By consciously arranging your environment to your best possible advantage, you create a space for your life to unfold in the highest possible way.

When you are supported by your environment, you feel more energetic, you are more productive, things seem to flow better, the people in the environment get along better, and you don’t have as many distractions. Are you financing your environment with your precious life force, or are you gaining energy by being there?

The following are some simple concepts used in feng shui that you can put into practice immediately to create more positive energy in your life.

Energy Must Flow

Reduce your clutter. Clutter creates stagnant energy and prohibits energy flow, leading to fatigue and lack of motivation. Your energy is tied up in the clutter of the environment and it not only weighs you down, it keeps you stuck in the energy of the past while subtly contributing to obstacles and frustrations. Clear out things that are no longer relevant to your life. Remember how good it feels after you’ve cleared out your closet!

Have Only What You Love Around You

Every single thing in your environment holds an energy — an energy that either supports you or drains you. Take away that which you do not absolutely love and what you have left will support you 100 percent. If there’s something that you don’t like, honor the intent and get rid of it, even if it was a gift.

Surround yourself with things you love to bring more harmony into your life.

Pay Attention To Wall Pictures


The pictures on your wall are “speaking” to you on a constant basis. What are they saying to you? Do you have pictures that denote desolation, emptiness, loneliness, turbulence and fatigue, or do you have images that speak of life force, abundance, vitality, peace and harmony? It’s important to have pictures that speak positively to you.

Look At Your Entry Objectively

Imagine yourself a visitor to your home or business. What impression would you get from your own entrance? The entrance affects a lot about what happens inside. Make sure it is inviting, “entrancing” and a welcoming transition from the outside. Clear anything that is in the way that would prohibit a smooth entry. Place life force in the form of plants by the doors to attract energy.

By taking the time to incorporate just these few basic concepts into your lifestyle, you will be on the road to using one of the most effective methods available to create a new flow of energy for yourself, your family and your business.

Alice’s Top Feng Shui Tips:

• The door is the entry point for all energy. Make sure the key doesn’t stick, the door opens effortlessly, there are no squeaky hinges and there is no clutter stacked behind the door.

• Use water features near the entrance and position them so they flow inward. Keep water features out of the bedroom.

• Use plants to add life force and to round out corners and choose plants (real or artificial) that are “soft” and rounded vs. “spiky.”

• When searching for “good” feng shui colors, when in doubt, if you choose a color you can find in nature you will find support from the energy of the color.


• Choose furniture without sharp corners whenever possible to enhance flow of energy.

• Angle furniture to break up linear energy to promote movement and ease.

• The hallways of a home or business are like the arteries of a house. Make sure they are not cluttered, and if they are dark, make sure there is adequate lighting.

• Keep your bedroom sacred and maintain balance and serenity in this area since we spend approximately one third of our lives here.

• Do not place your bed against the wall of a bathroom. Bathrooms are considered draining energy, and this position will drain vital life force from you when sleeping.

• Use pairs of items or pictures of pairs in the bedroom to symbolize healthy partnerships, happiness and fulfillment in relationships.

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