Arelative newcomer to the window industry, fiberglass windows are some of the most energy-efficient windows, because they do not warp, shrink, swell, rot or corrode in varied climates. Because of their thermal stability, they are excellent for holding large expanses of glass.

Pella Impervia windows and patio doors, made of patented fiberglass composite materials, are proof that energy efficiency does-n’t only come in the form of wood and doesn’t apply only to new homes. Pella Impervia products support the green movement and contribute to LEED projects in several major categories.


Here’s how this high-endurance product from Pella is the perfect solution for a home or business while supporting the green movement:

Energy, atmosphere

Pella’s patented, five-layer, engineered fiberglass composite, Duracast® offers low expansion and contraction rates that help ensure a consistent bond between sash and glass and a weathertight fit between sash and frame, creating excellent sound insulation and comfort for those seated near windows. Pella Impervia products with Low-E insulating glass meet ENERGY STAR® requirements in all 50 states and are designed to provide energy efficiency that will save money by lowering heating and cooling bills.

Materials and resources

Product packaging contains recyclable cardboard and stretch wrap. Pella Impervia products have a 21 percent post-industrial recycled content by weight.


Pella Impervia products are considered the strongest, most durable material available in windows and doors and are nine times stronger than vinyl. The Duracast fiber-glass composite is seacoast-worthy, extremely hard, scratch resistance and does not corrode, which helps windows and doors last through time.

Environmental quality

Pella Impervia windows and doors don’t need painting. They arrive with a durable powder-coat paint finish, an environmentally conscious coating that does not emit any significant air pollutants found in liquid paint finishes, which are typically made with greater than 50 percent solvents which evaporate into the air during spraying and drying. Duracast features a factory-applied powder-coat finish, virtually eliminating VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during the paint process, and over-spray of paint from the powder-coating process can be collected and used again and again.

Pella Impervia offers a variety of operable window and door types for fresh air ventilation.

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