I see televisions in the bedrooms of about 80 percent of the homes I visit. Odds are you have one in your bedroom as well. During a feng shui consultation, many of my clients sheepishly say, “I know that I’m not supposed to have a television in the bedroom…” Many people are afraid I will tell them to give it up – and I never do.

This “rule” that you may have heard about is based on the theory of proper placement and proper usage. Just as in nature you would never see a large oak tree growing in the middle of a bamboo forest, or find a peacock running with the zebras in Africa, you wouldn’t consider putting your dining table in the bathroom or your bed in the kitchen. In the same way, televisions in the bedroom are not considered a “match.”

In feng shui, the concept is that the more you place things in their “proper place,” and use each room in the way it is intended, the more balanced and peaceful the energy can be.

The bedroom function


The primary function of a bedroom is rest, rejuvenation and intimacy between yourself and your partner. The television is conventionally thought to be contrary to these functions, along with office or exercise equipment in your bedroom. That is because it puts conflicting functions – movement and rest – in the same room.

Other television-in-the-bedroom theories

Some schools of thought believe that you can be startled by your own reflection on the television screen in the middle of the night when you awaken. Others say the signal that picks up the stations is still energetically active even when the television is off, and that can disrupt sleep.

Insomnia specialists, who do not consider feng shui advice, recommend taking the television out of the bedroom to indicate to the subconscious that the bedroom is a place for rest.

While all these theories do have merit, I feel that asking a client to remove a television for feng shui purposes, if they love it, or asking them to cover it at night if they do not have insomnia, is impractical.

When you and your mate have differing opinions …


The big challenge comes when one person loves the television in the bedroom and the other wants it removed. Often I am put in the middle of disagreements and am expected to side with one or the other.

How do I handle this? I always allow the couple to come to their own decision and navigate toward the compromise that works best. If the television is staying in the room, and it is an issue between the couple, here are questions I ask them:

  • Can you purchase a television cabinet with doors so that it is out of sight?
  • Can you cover it with a cloth?
  • Can you mutually agree upon an earlier time to turn it off?
  • Can the watcher wear a headset so the sound does not disturb the other?
  • Can the sleeper wear eyeshades to block out the light activity that may prevent them from falling asleep sooner?
  • It is never easy when we are at odds with our partners, especially when we firmly believe our way is right.

    Sometimes the one who is bothered by the television will just “put up with it,” which leads to a build-up of resentment over time. It’s important to realize that the feelings of both parties are valid and neither is right nor wrong.


    If the television is an issue for you and your partner, take the time to discuss how you can find a happy medium. For the sleeper, there are so many sleep aids available, from essential oils to learning how to make marijuana candies, there’ll likely be something that you feel could work for you. If not, may you continue to sleep in peace!

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