When it comes to stepping up and meeting the demands of the 21st century, RMA Sales is the company to turn to for quality jalousie windows.

Introducing RMA Sales’ Tradewind window system, which offers up-to-date options such as 6-inch gray or bronze tinted glass louver blades for a chic upscale look; 4- or 6-inch redwood blades; 4-inch clear, opaque, gray, bronze and Low E glass blades; and 4-inch white vinyl louver blades. These windows can be used with inside or outside screens, making them easy to clean for multi-level homes.


Vinyl surrounds also are available in white or neutral almond, and the handles are sturdy and easy to close. The frame profile has a contemporary look. A 2-inch decorative vinyl exterior trim option to accentuate the window profile is also available. So if your “natural air conditioner” is broken, fix it with the Tradewind louver jalousie system.

Additionally, RMA Sales has screens with a tighter weave that allow for more improved ventilation and visibility. The company also has screens that actually cut down on solar heat gain. Heavy-duty pet screens are in stock, too.

If you’re looking for extreme security, a perfect complement to the Tradewind window is RMA’s new and exciting line, Crimsafe™ security screens.


These patented stainless steel screens offer 24/7 security, hurricane protection and energy savings. All Crimsafe™ products feature the unique Screw-Clamp™ design, which gives the screens enough strength to resist even the most determined intruder. The screens are virtually impossible to be kicked in, pried open, or cut through.

Although Hawaii’s hurricane season has just begun, you can feel safe with a Crimsafe™ product in place. The Crimsafe™ hurricane screen has been tested to withstand winds up to 200 mph and missile impact up to 150 mph. And, unlike storm panels, Crimsafe™ is installed in place. There is no need to spend tense moments just before a storm climbing up ladders and hammering boards into place.

RMA Sales is a locally owned and operated company that has been providing quality window systems and building products to the home improvement industry throughout Hawaii for more than 50 years. Both Tradewind and Crimsafe™ brand products are manufactured locally.

Address: 99-134 Waiua Way



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