As time goes by, things change. Televisions are getting bigger, air conditioning installations are more common, computers are in almost every home, and solar photovoltaic panels are popping up on rooftops across Hawaii. So shouldn’t your home’s electrical system be modernized also, to keep up with all this power demand?

Most older homes in Hawaii may only have one or two outlets per room. Extension cords and power strips are good solutions to provide power where it is needed. The problem, however, is that these are only temporary solutions. Leaving extension cords or power strips as permanent power solutions puts people at greater risk for house fires. Therefore, additional outlets should be installed to supply permanent power where needed.

A lot of today’s modern appliances and electronics require more power than an older home may be equipped for. In fact, many older homes may have all of their outlets on one circuit. If more power is drawn than the circuit breaker is rated for, the circuit breaker should trip off. Circuit breakers are a source of protection for our homes’ electrical wiring. Most people think that a circuit breaker is just a switch that can be turned off or on. If your circuit breaker trips off, it’s telling you that something is wrong. The circuit breaker itself may have gone bad, a short may have occurred, or too many amps may have been drawn. For dedicated equipment, such as air conditioning, dedicated outlets should be installed so that other appliances and electronic equipment can be plugged in without a circuit breaker tripping off.

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