Windows are often overlooked by homeowners as being a key element to having a well-rounded and complete home. They protect our curtains, carpets, furniture and floors from fading and deteriorating. They allow us to control the cool trade winds and ventilate our rooms, while on the other hand they allow us to seal off the outside and let us use our air conditioners economically. They are our portals to the outside world, engaging us to enjoy our magnificent Hawaiian views, be it a view of the mountains, the ocean or a sunset. They can enhance the curb appeal of a home, thereby increasing its value. They also offer privacy and noise reduction.

But most importantly, they are the front line of home security.


“Sadly, too many of our customers come to us after they’ve been burglarized,” said CCI president Luis Larcina. “They’re terrified that whoever did it might come back. While most have insurance to replace stolen items, there is no price on personal safety and peace of mind.”

One item that CCI offers for customer peace of mind is its fire egress window, which easily swings out like a door, allowing homeowners to easily escape in an emergency.

“The status quo tells us that Grandma or Junior has to break the glass of the jalousie window and then jump out onto the broken glass. That is absolutely ridiculous,” said Larcina. “That’s why CCI was the first to invent the egress. Anybody that doesn’t install them is sitting on a time bomb.” Additionally, CCI’s fire egress window meets or exceeds all Hawaii fire codes, and has been commended by the Honolulu Building Department for its ease and efficiency.

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