Have you ever tried to do your own landscaping? Do you think it’s too labor intensive?

No need for wheelbar-rows, shovels or other hand tools when you roll onto tight job sites with an impressive machine at Murakami Roofing, which also provides equipment rental services.


Just three feet wide with a bucket, the mini track loader goes through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces with ease. The mini track loader is capable of using multiple attachments. It works and maneuvers in cramped spaces just as easily. Use it to sweep warehouse floors, prepare lawns for seeding, bore under driveways for utility lines and much more.

At Murakami Roofing, a mini excavator has a retracted track width of less than 28 inches, the ultra-compact excavator can access job sites where exhausting hand labor is your only other option. This gives you the features to be more comfortable, go through narrower openings and operate in tighter conditions with confidence. The mini excavator will be used by homeowners and contractors working in excavation, plumbing, landscaping, grading, demolition, electrical and cable applications.

The next time you are considering any landscaping project or home remodeling think, about using a mini loader or mini excavator to save on time and labor. At reasonable rental rates you can cut your time in half if you were to do your project by hand.


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