When David Chang and Jonathon Son, owners of The Cabinet & Stone Factory, were looking to remodel their respective homes years ago, they both discovered how stressful it was to go through the process of working with multiple contractors, vendors and designers — and trying to coordinate and organize among all of them.

They realized then that many other shoppers may be experiencing the same problems, and that many homeowners would want to be able to work with a one-stop renovation company that takes them through the entire design-build process from creating the initial design concept all the way to the final touches with one point of contact and one point of accountability.


“We design it, we install it and we follow-up,” says Chang. “When you work with us, we meet you at your home to understand your vision, assess the feasibility of your project and determine a realistic budget. Our showroom has all the products you need to pick from to choose what suits your tastes. We create and design plans for you with our cutting edge CAD (computer-aided design) software; and once the plans are approved, we begin and manage your entire construction process to provide you a quality project that is on-time and on-budget.”

The Cabinet & Stone Factory’s mission is to surpass its clients’ expectations by providing the best in service by offering a streamlined, accountable, stress-free process while delivering superior workmanship at a value that is on-time and on-budget.

“Every point of the process is handled with attention to detail and care for our clients’ individual needs to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible,” Chang notes. “The last thing anyone wants when making their dreams of renovating their homes come true is a nightmare in the process.”



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