Maintaining Road Surfaces to Enhance Property Value, Safety

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Seal Pros Remodelers
February 11, 2012

Properly maintaining a driveway, garage, carport or parking lot surface is the key to extending its life and enhancing its appearance. Driving surfaces that have been allowed to deteriorate can also be a contributing factor in vehicle damage and liability, according to Jim Higgins, owner of Seal Pros Hawaii.

“An investment of only $1 a square foot in a SealMaster coating for an asphalt or concrete surface can extend its life and serviceability for as (many) as 10 years, whereas replacement could cost as much as $10 a square foot. Ongoing maintenance can preserve pavement indefinitely,” Higgins said.

“We provide sealant services to both residential and commercial customers and are seeing a growing awareness of the need to maintain existing surfaces rather than face a far more expensive ‘rip and replace’ project down the road. Individuals and businesses alike are concerned with economizing and avoiding liability. Sealing surfaces we drive and walk on every day is both a good investment and a ‘green’ decision, because a demolished concrete or asphalt surface will end up in our already overtaxed landfill.” He added that the sealants he uses are environmentally safe, water-based products.

“If a parking area is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, which could show up as early as three years after it was laid, depending on the amount of use, we encourage home and business owners, building managers and maintenance companies to contact us for a free on-site estimate before serious cracking or erosion takes place. Water infiltration is very destructive and will accelerate the failure of the surface.”

Higgins pointed out that no job is too big or too small for Seal Pros. When the project is a parking lot or garage for an apartment building, townhouse complex, school, hospital or shopping mall, Seal Pros provides a timetable and cost estimate, inclusive of the striping for stalls and directional markings. The company also will schedule the work for nights and weekends if necessary. Setting time for the sealant is about 24 hours.

Seal Pros can also significantly enhance the appearance of a driveway, parking area or sportscourt with a variety of colors produced by adding pigment to the sealants. Higgins said the most popular are Terra-cotta, Brownstone, Sahara Beige, Brickyard Red, Forest Green and Gray-stone.

In addition to pavement sealing, Seal Pros offers a complete range of paving and surfacing services, including cracked ceiling and asphalt repair. The company stands by its work and offers warranties and maintenance contracts covering periodic inspections.

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